From Daphne JiYeon Jang



In general, my work is focused with expressing how human get feeling and feel it from their body that match’s with feeling and physical. It can show as comprehensive or simple. However, I’d want people to realize that we lose or pass many things in our life since we are familiar. I started my work because of impatient. But I was able to get cured by myself while doing my work. So people who see my work, I’d like give them comfort and sympathy that I feel it as human. This means, it’s concentrating with feeling and the senses.


How to starting.

I always had a desire to design moving sculpture with stories. So I will work people to get interested in my art that can give comfort and feel common feeling with amusement, better than stopped sculpture.


Humans are born with different kinds of feelings. The feelings can be seen as sadness, happiness and anger rather than 5 senses. These feelings can be put as in one history where ‘love’ cannot be defined.

Humans are born with different feelings where rationality exists. People have thoughts with a basic aspect of action which has different standards between people. However, the feeling of ‘love’ is mystery, cannot be simply explained, the most attractive feeling of human emotion. We only see a bit or can’t see rationalism at all in love.

People give and take love when they grow. They exchange love between parents, sibling’s friends and more. However, we know these types of love meaning are different from love. The love between male and female can be called as gathering of all the feelings of human emotion.



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